International Conference

Contribution of Technical Education in Entrepreneurship & Agriculture

In collaboration with Universities of European Union, NIAM ( A Unit of Govt. of India ) & RTU – Kota

Date : 4th September, 2018

Venue : Shankara Institute of Technology

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About the Conference

Technical Education aims at use of scientific knowledge for solving economic problems and scientific advancement for the benefit of mankind. Hence, problem solving and development form the basis of technical education. Majority of the students completing technical education aspire to settle down with the jobs but only few get that opportunity. Rest majority either become unemployed or change their specialization to earn the livelihood. Hence, entrepreneurship remains the last choice of technically qualified person today.

Entrepreneurship and development goes hand in hand. Most of the developed countries have enterprising societies and policies. We have the great advantage of large number of qualified technical manpower which can be transformed into enterprising mass through entrepreneurship development initiatives.

This calls for introduction of entrepreneurship development content in the curriculum, orientation of the technical teachers in entrepreneurship development, institutional arrangement for supporting entrepreneurs and ideas are crucial for harvesting maximum benefit from technical education for development of nation.

Agriculture is the important profession which ensures food security of the nation. Thanks to efforts of agricultural scientists and extension workers, the country is fully food secured. However, farmer welfare remains to be main concern of nation. Profitability in agriculture ensures welfare of farming community. Hence, transformation of agriculture to agri-business and farmer to agripreneur is required.

The present conference interface technical education with entrepreneurship and agriculture. It addresses important concerns of the nation in these areas. The conference will be attempted by policy makers, administrators, academicians, scientists, extension workers and students.

Advisory Committee

Name Designation
Dr. Raimundas Rukuiza Asscoiate Prof. & chief Coordinator International Dept., Aleksandras Stulginskis University, Lithuania
Dr. Agne Gribenaite International Department, Aleksandras Stulginskis University, Lithuania
Dr. Phoolkant Jha CMD, JFK International, Moscow, Russia
Mr. Ivan Konovalov First Secretary (Economic and Trade Affairs), Embassy og Ukraine in the Republic of India
Prof. P.B. Sharma Vice Chancellor, Amity University, Manesar
Prof. K.L. Sharma Ex Vice Chancellor, Rajasthan University, Jaipur
Prof. A.N. Jha Prof. (Retd.), IIT Delhi
Prof. Sandeep Sancheti V.C., SRM IST University, Chennai
Dr. Abha Jain Registrar, RTU – Kota
Dr. Vivek Pandey Dean (Academics ), RTU – Kota
Prof. Y.N. Singh Dean (Academics), BTU – Bikaner
S.K. Sinha Director (Retd.), NIT, Patna
Prof. S.K. Khare IIT – Delhi
Prof. R.A. Gupta M.N.I.T. Jaipur
Prof. V.K. Jain M.N.I.T. Jaipur
Mr. S.K. Chaturvedi Ex CMD, Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd.
Prof. K.P. Agarwal Director (Retd.), NATP, Govt. of India

Organizing Committee

Name Designation
Prof. S.N. Kutty Dean, Shankara Group of Institutions, Jaipur
Prof. Devapriya Chatterjee Director (MBA), Shankara Group, Jaipur
Prof. A.K. Choudhary Director (MBA), Shankara Group, Jaipur
Dr. Sunita Joshi Principal, Shankara Institute of B.Ed.. Jaipur
Mr. Rajendra K. Sharma Shankara Group, Jaipur
Mr. Deepak Jha Shankara Group, Jaipur
Mr. Kaushal Agarwal Shankara Group, Jaipur
Mr. Zakir Hussain Shankara Group, Jaipur
Mr. Rakesh Ranjan Shankara Group, Jaipur
Mr. Gaurav Singh Shankara Group, Jaipur
Mrs. Tina Bhargava Shankara Group, Jaipur
Mr. O.P. Sharma Shankara Group, Jaipur
Mr. Anil Jain Shankara Group, Jaipur
Mr. Sunil Mahapatro Shankara Group, Jaipur
Mrs. Jyoti Khurana Shankara Group, Jaipur

Conference Co-ordinator and Co-coordinators

Name Designation
Mr. Ashutosh Mishra Vice – Principal, Shankara Institute of Technology
Mr. Navin Sharma Head (T&P)
Dr. Manish Kaushik Head (Physics), Shankara Institute of Technology
Ms. Shivangi Choudhary Shankara Group of Institutions, Jaipur

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