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Electronics & Communication Engineering


SIT affiliated to RTU & approved by AICTE offers Electronics & Communications Engineering & other specializations in B.Tech. Call 1800-300-20-177 for more information.

Electronics and Communication is the largest and fastest growing field of engineering that is indispensable in every industry across the globe. This industry helps us to make our lives easier and enjoyable by covering a wide range of applications such as Television, radio, Telecommunication, Computers etc. It aims to create specialists to design, fabricate, produce, test and supervise the manufacture of complex products and systems i.e. electronic equipment and components for a number of industries including hospitals, computer industry, electronic data processing systems for communication, defence etc.


The course prompts students to find new solutions to the practical problems affecting our daily lives and they work with microprocessors, fibre optics telecommunications, television, radio etc. View all the on-campus facilities which help students to nurture their skills for the professional environment.

Every year top 10 students of Electronics branch are sponsored by AICTE to undergo 18 months BSNL Certified Engineer (Silver, Gold, Platinum) under Employability Enhancement Training Program (EETP)


Electronics has a major role in improving productivity in industries like oil, energy, agriculture and so many other important sectors of economy. In steel, petroleum and chemical industries the electronic devices direct, control and test production processes. Health care industry largely depends on electronic instruments to perform chemical tests and to check body functions. The safety in transportation, factories, mines and in homes rely heavily on electronics.

Duration – 4 years (8 semesters)

Number of Seats Shift I (120) & Shift II (60)

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Faculty - Electronics and Communication Engineering

    Faculty Name Qualification
    Mr. Ashutosh Mishra (HOD) B.E., M.Tech, Ph.D(P)
    Mr. Devendra Nath Pandey B.Tech.
    Ms. Sneh Lata Yadav B.E, M.Tech
    Ms. Shweta Agarwal B.E., M.Tech
    Ms. Monika Sameer Joshi B.E., M.Tech
    Mr. Rajesh Sharma B.E., M.Tech
    Ms. Dolly Abichandani B.E.
    Ms. Subhita Dotasara B.Tech
    Mr. Bhawani Shankar Yadav B.E
    Mr. Rajesh Kanwadia B.E., M.Tech.
    Mr. Jagdish Prasad Maheshwari B.E
    Mr. Manveer Kaur B.E
    Ms. Sharda Kumari B.E
    Mr. Pankaj Gupta B.Tech
    Ms. Saraswati Kumari B.E
    Mr. Naveen Kumar B.Tech
    Mr. Manish Kumar Mishra B.E
    Ms. Richa Gupta B.E
    Mr. Sumit Srivastava B.E
    Mr. Anubhava Shandilya B.E
    Ms. Priyanka Kumari B.E
    Mr. Anil Kumar Jain B.E
    Mr. Rahul Soni B.E
    Ms. Pallavi Upneja B.E
    Mr. Chandan Kumar Chaudhary B.E