International Conference

Professional Ethics and Human Values

In collaboration with Universities of European Union, NIAM ( A Unit of Govt. of India ) & BTU - Bikaner

Date : 5th September, 2018

Venue : Shankara Institute of Technology

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About the Conference

‘Professional Ethics and Human Values’ is a very relevant subject of today’s environment of conflicts and stress in the profession, with obligations to be met by one person in many directions. A formal study will certainly improve one’s ability and judgement and refine one’s behaviour, decisions and actions in performing the duty to the family, organization and to the society. Academicians even feel that this subject should be introduced in high school level, in place of the moral instructions.

To enable students appreciate the essential complementarity between ‘VALUES’ and ‘SKILLS’ to ensure sustained happiness and prosperity which are the core aspirations of all human beings. To facilitate the development of a holistic perspective among students towards life, profession and happiness, based on a correct understanding of the human reality and the rest of existence. Such a holistic perspective forms the basis of value based living in a natural way. To highlight plausible implications of the above Holistic understanding in terms of ethical human conduct, trustful and mutually satisfying human behaviour and mutually enriching interaction with nature.

The objectives of this Conference on ‘Professional Ethics and Human Values’ are :

  • To understand the moral values that ought to guide the Engineering profession
  • Resolve the moral issues in the profession
  • Justify the moral judgement concerning the profession. It is intended to develop a setoff beliefs, attitudes and habits that engineers should display concerning morality. The prime objective is to increase one’s ability to deal effectively with moral complexity in engineering practice.

Advisory Committee

Name Designation
Dr. Raimundas Rukuiza Asscoiate Prof. & chief Coordinator International Dept., Aleksandras Stulginskis University, Lithuania
Dr. Agne Gribenaite International Department, Aleksandras Stulginskis University, Lithuania
Dr. Phoolkant Jha CMD, JFK International, Moscow, Russia
Mr. Ivan Konovalov First Secretary (Economic and Trade Affairs), Embassy og Ukraine in the Republic of India
Prof. P.B. Sharma Vice Chancellor, Amity University, Manesar
Prof. K.L. Sharma Ex Vice Chancellor, Rajasthan University, Jaipur
Prof. A.N. Jha Prof. (Retd.), IIT Delhi
Prof. Sandeep Sancheti V.C., SRM IST University, Chennai
Dr. Abha Jain Registrar, RTU – Kota
Dr. Vivek Pandey Dean (Academics ), RTU – Kota
Prof. Y.N. Singh Dean (Academics), BTU – Bikaner
S.K. Sinha Director (Retd.), NIT, Patna
Prof. S.K. Khare IIT – Delhi
Prof. R.A. Gupta M.N.I.T. Jaipur
Prof. V.K. Jain M.N.I.T. Jaipur
Mr. S.K. Chaturvedi Ex CMD, Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd.
Prof. K.P. Agarwal Director (Retd.), NATP, Govt. of India

Organizing Committee

Name Designation
Prof. S.N. Kutty Dean, Shankara Group of Institutions, Jaipur
Prof. Devapriya Chatterjee Director (MBA), Shankara Group, Jaipur
Prof. A.K. Choudhary Director (MBA), Shankara Group, Jaipur
Dr. Sunita Joshi Principal, Shankara Institute of B.Ed.. Jaipur
Mr. Rajendra K. Sharma Shankara Group, Jaipur
Mr. Deepak Jha Shankara Group, Jaipur
Mr. Kaushal Agarwal Shankara Group, Jaipur
Mr. Zakir Hussain Shankara Group, Jaipur
Mr. Rakesh Ranjan Shankara Group, Jaipur
Mr. Gaurav Singh Shankara Group, Jaipur
Mrs. Tina Bhargava Shankara Group, Jaipur
Mr. O.P. Sharma Shankara Group, Jaipur
Mr. Anil Jain Shankara Group, Jaipur
Mr. Sunil Mahapatro Shankara Group, Jaipur
Mrs. Jyoti Khurana Shankara Group, Jaipur

Conference Co-ordinator and Co-coordinators

Name Designation
Mr. Ashutosh Mishra Vice – Principal, Shankara Institute of Technology
Mr. Navin Sharma Head (T&P)
Dr. Manish Kaushik Head (Physics), Shankara Institute of Technology
Ms. Shivangi Choudhary Shankara Group of Institutions, Jaipur

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