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Electrical Engineering


SIT affiliated to RTU & approved by AICTE is the best Electrical Engineering college in Jaipur with other specializations too. Call 1800-300-20-177.

Electrical Engineering covers a wide range of activities by dealing in applications of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism. The course emphasizes to develop individuals who are capable of applying applications of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism to design and test equipment of large/small scale systems for processing information and transmitting energy.


The course covers both theoretical and practical aspects of the field and students work in Power Electronics Lab, Electrical Machine Lab, Power System Design Lab, High Voltage Lab, Computer based Electronic-Machine design lab and Power Electronics and control to transform students for this vast field and its activities.


Career in Electrical Engineering encompasses fields such as Telecommunications systems, Electric Power Stations, Wiring and lighting of houses, designing household appliances, Electrically-controlled industrial machinery, Computers, Robotics, Biomedical electronics, Signal processing, Transportation, Industrial process control, Energy operation and distribution, Electro-mechanical energy conversion.

Duration – 4 years (8 semesters)

Number of Seats Shift I (60) & Shift II (60)

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Faculty - Electrical Engineering

    Faculty Name Qualification
    Dr. Ramakant Sahoo M.E. (Electrical)
    Ms. Sunipa Sen Gupta M.Tech., PGDM
    Mr. Manjeet Singh Yadav B.Tech. (E.E.)
    Mr. Harkesh Meena B.Tech. (E.E.)
    Ms. Namarata Poonia B.Tech., M.Tech. (P)
    Mr. Prakash Kumar Pankaj B.Tech.
    Mr. Ajayan B.Tech., M.Tech.
    Mr. Pankaj Kumar Ojha B.E. (Electrical)
    Mr. Prachand Jang Shah B.E. (Electrical)
    Mr. Arif Mohamad B.E. (Electrical)
    Ms. Neha Chaudhary B.E. (Electrical)
    Mr. Rajeev Kumar B.E. (Electrical)
    Mr. Vikas Kumar B.E. (Electrical)
    Mr. Munna Lal Mathuriya B.Tech. (Electrical)
    Mr.Devendra Saini B.Tech., M.Tech. (P)
    Mr. Sanjay Sharma B.Tech. (Electrical)
    Mr. Ajay Kumar Swarnkar B.Tech. (Electrical)
    Mr. Pankaj Sharma B.Tech. (Electrical)
    Mr. Ataul Raj B.E. (Electrical)
    Mr. Phool Kumar Jha B.E. (Electrical)
    Mr. Vaheed Khan B.Tech. (Electrical), M.Tech (P)
    Mr. Sumit Suman B.Tech. (Electrical)
    Mr. Ashish Saini B.E. (Electrical)
    Mr. Ravi Kishor Ranjan B.Tech. (Electrical)
    Ms. Poonam Yadav B.Tech. (Electrical)
    Mr. Avtar Singh B.Tech. (Electrical)
    Mr. Prakash Kumar Suman B.E. (Electrical)
    Mr. Abhineet Raj E.E. & E.C.E.
    Mr.Rahul Srimal B.E. (E.E.)
    Ms. Neha Tiwari B.Tech. (Electrical)
    Mr. Himanshu Paliwal B.Tech. (Electrical)
    Mr. Rajesh Sah Technical Associate
    Mr. Amit Kumar Technical Associate
    Mr. Praveen Kumar Technical Associate
    Mr. Mahesh Prajapat Technical Associate

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